The Secret Of The Science Of Getting Rich

Discover The Secret To Producing Wealth And Living The Life You Really Want…

  • The Science Of Getting Rich Program - This Course Will Empower You To Produce Wealth & Live The Life You Want… ($9,997 Value)
  • Streaming Club - 1 Year All Access - Consistently GROW Your Income Through Weekly Lessons From Bob Proctor And Sandy Gallagher... ($1,188 Value)
  • Digital Workbook - This 210 Page Workbook Will Help Impart The Reality Of The Law Of Attraction Into Your Subconscious Mind... ($497 Value)
  • 6 Minutes To Success - 1 Year All Access - Receive A 6 Min Video Every Morning With Bite Size Success Tips On A Wide Range Of Topics Including Universal Laws, Money, Health, & Relationships... ($348 Value)
  • Success Puzzle - Organize Your Goals And Lay Out The Specific Plan Of Action To Create Success In Every Area Of Your Life... ($195 Value)
  • 12 Principles For Winning The Mind Game - Learn From My 50 Years Of Experience In How To Have Constant Victor In The Mind... ($149 Value)
The Secret Of The Science Of Getting Rich
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Programme Overview

  • Starts January 2024
  • 18 Lessons (Half Hour Audio)
  • Call Every 2nd Week – Lesson Spanning 3 Weeks (Tuesday)
  • Workbook (210 pages)
  • Access To TIR/LTF Community And Calls* (*If Previous Student)

We’re so looking forward to having you with us! As with any program of this nature, you will only get out of it what you put into it.

We recommend allotting a minimum of 3-4 hours each week to studying your program materials, though you are encouraged to make studying the program a daily habit. It’s the daily habitual of studying and applying the RIGHT ideas that are going to do it for you and catapult you into the success you desire in all areas of life.


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