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Last updated: May 18, 2024

This AI Policy explains what AI is and how We use them. You should read this policy so You can understand what type of AI tools We use.

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At Jamie Mcbrearty Coaching, we're constantly coming up with new ideas to provide our clients with original, excellent material. Artificial intelligence is one technology we utilise to accomplish this (AI).

Any software or system that is capable of carrying out operations that typically require human intelligence, such speaking, interpreting language, identifying images, or making judgments, is referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). AI can offer fresh perspectives and chances for improved customer service, as well as automate, optimise, and enhance our creative processes.

We also understand, though, that there are hazards and difficulties associated with AI, including possible ethical, legal, and societal repercussions. We respect the rights and expectations of our partners and consumers, and we cherish the copyrights and the creativity of our staff. As a result, we have created this policy to direct the ethical and open application of AI.

Policy Principles

When we apply AI to our products and services, the following guidelines guide our choices and actions:

  • AI is used to supplement human creativity and judgment, not to replace it.
  • We don't use AI to compromise our contentā€”rather, we use it to enhance its quality, diversity, and accessibility.
  • Instead of misleading or deceiving our partners and customers, we use AI to create value for them.
  • Instead of infringing upon or violating the intellectual property rights of others, we employ AI to respect and safeguard those rights.
  • Instead of infringing upon or violating the intellectual property rights of others, we employ AI to respect and safeguard those rights.

Policy Practices

Using the following procedures aids in the day-to-day application of our policy principles:

  • To the best of our knowledge, the AI tools and services we utilise are trustworthy, dependable, safe, and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We only employ AI technologies and services that are consistent with our our mission, vision, and values as well as those that meet the needs and preferences of our partners and customers.
  • We exclusively utilise AI tools and services that do not discriminate against, take advantage of, or manipulate people; instead, they respect human autonomy, diversity, and dignity.
  • The use of AI in our products and services should always be disclosed and acknowledged, and the restrictions of the content produced by AI should be made explicit and correct.
  • We frequently use artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT, to improve our everyday communications, including emails, blogs, and website articles, as part of our dedication to efficiency and innovation. It won't be stated clearly in certain use cases that AI contributed to the result.

Policy Review

Since AI is a dynamic and ever-evolving subject, new technologies, trends, and challenges may require updates to our policy. As a result, we pledge to constantly evaluate and analyse our policy and its application, as well as to ask our stakeholders and experts for their opinions. We shall promptly and openly notify our partners, staff, and clients of any modifications or revisions to our policy.

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